All sale prices are agreed at the outset.  Once a buyer has agreed to purchase a horse Stolen Silver Sport Horses will issue an invoice detailing all aspects of the sale.
Deposits are only available on foals while they are still with their dam. No deposits are accepted on any horses after they have been weaned.  Any deposit is not refundable should a buyer change their mind.
Stolen Silver Sport Horses recommend that all foals/youngsters/horses are fully vetted at the point of sale. If a horse passes a vet inspection the foal/youngster/horse is considered sold. Stolen Silver Sport Horses are not held liable for any disease/injury/illness howsoever caused after the point of vetting and sale.
Stolen Silver Sport Horses recommend that all foals/youngsters/horses are vetted and insured at the point of sale including death and vet fees.
Stolen Silver Sport Horses accept no responsibility for accident, injury, disease, loss, death or theft of a foal/youngster/horse once sold.  Stolen Silver Sport Horses will endeavor to take all precautions to avoid any accident, injury, disease, loss, death or theft, however, it is the owner’s responsibility to provide their own insurance cover if they wish. Buyers accept this clause once a sale has been processed.

Stolen Silver Sport Horses give buyers the option to purchase foals after birth. A £1000 deposit will be taken at the time of booking, this is only refundable should the foal die before 30 days of age or fails a vetting.  IT IS NOT REFUNDABLE IF THE PURCHASER CHANGES THEIR MIND. At 30 days of age, or when purchased, the purchaser has to vet and insure the foals for full purchase price. If the foal passes the vetting 50% of the agreed purchase price (LESS the deposit) is then payable following a successful vetting. If the foal fails a vetting then the deposit is refundable. The final 50% of the sale price is then payable 14 days before weaning. If the foal dies between 30 days and weaning the purchaser agrees to pay Stolen Silver Sport Horses 30% of the final price due instead of 50%, and in turn the purchaser can keep the final 20% of the purchase price to cover their own costs for vetting and insurance.


 All foals come with breed association passports and where applicable separate owner papers (depending on the Studbook).

If a foal is purchased before registration then the buyer is allowed to name the foal and decide on which Studbook to register the foal with.  The foal name must follow the rules of the appropriate Studbook and will also include the word Stolen wherever possible or StS either as a prefix or suffix.

At the point of birth to the point of weaning, Stolen Silver Sport Horses will be responsible for all worming and farrier work for foals, including if they require any remedial treatment. They will also pay for all foal registration/passport costs. All foals will remain at Wrestow Stud until weaning.  After weaning, and if the foals remain at Wrestow Stud, these costs will be borne by the buyer.