Blue Hors Matine is my favourite dressage horse of all time and is the reason I first got into breeding. My first two foals were by her sire Silvermoon. They were both colts out of my ID x TB mare Stolen Silver. They were lovely but neither of them were my longed for grey Silvermoon filly, my own version of Blue Hors Matine.

By this time Silvermoon had passed away. I had imported some doses of frozen from Gestuet Ammerland and tried again. Another colt, this time out of the lovely mare Delanuee. I had another couple of attempts on other mares that did not result in a pregnancy and was down to my last dose of frozen, frozen that was irreplaceable.

My very last try was with Darlingscott and almost 10 years after I started trying to breed a Matine, I finally got my grey filly. She is of course called Stolen Matine. She isn’t for sale. I haven’t decided whether to keep her as a broodmare or send her away to be produced. There is plenty of time to decide. At the moment she is a fugly yearling, playing in the field with her two best friends.